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Cancer IO Sebinar Series Session I: Ex vivo models in immuno-oncology research

​15:00 - 15:10 Introduction to ex vivo models, Jeroen Pouwels / Research Coordinator in Cancer IO

15:10 - 15:20 3D Solutions & tissue preservation, Johana Kuncova-Kallio / Director in UPM Biomedicals

15:20 - 16:10 Ex vivo systems incorporating the tumor microenvironment, Dr. David Barbie /  Assistant Professor in Dana-Farber Cancer Institute & Harvard Medical School

16:10 - 16:30 Panel discussion: The use of ex vivo cultures in clinical decision making: Utopia or soon-to-be reality?  

Panelists: David Barbie, Johana Kuncova-Kallio, Jeroen Pouwels and Research Director Peeter Karihtala, Helsinki University Hospital

Session Chair: Heidi Haikala, Cancer IO & Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Aloitusaika: 08.04.2021 15:00
Lopetusaika: 08.04.2021 16:30
Kesto: 1 hour 30 minutes
Sijainti: remotely
Tyyppi: Webinar
Organisaatio: University of Helsinki
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Dissertation: Silja Voutilainen

Silja Voutilainen, Faculty of Medicine, Doctoral Programme in Clinical research
Molecular and cellular markers of subclinical graft fibrosis after pediatric liver transplantation and noninvasive assessment of liver fibrosis

Opponent:  docent Anne Räisänen-Sokolowski, Univeristy of Helsinki

Aloitusaika: 16.04.2021 12:00
Lopetusaika: 16.04.2021 14:00
Kesto: 2 hours
Sijainti: remotely
Tyyppi: Dissertation
Organisaatio: UH, Faculty of Medicine
Yhteyshenkilö: silja.voutilainen@helsinki.fi
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HiLIFE Webinar: Katja Röper

​Mechanisms and mechanics of tube morphogenesis
Katja Röper gained a degree in Biochemistry in Berlin before embarking on a PhD in Cell Biology at the University of Heidelberg, studying apical protein trafficking and asymmetric cell division in the mouse neuroepithelium. She then moved to Cambridge, UK, to learn flies as a model system and has remained a Drosophilist ever since. Her lab at the MRC-Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK studies the dynamic behaviour of epithelial tissues during organ morphogenesis, in particular the formation of tubular organs, with the main model process being the formation of the salivary glands in the fly embryo. The research focuses on the regulation of cell shape by the cytoskeleton and coordination of events at the molecular, cellular and tissue scale, using a combination of fly genetics, biochemistry as well as advanced imaging approaches paired with quantitative analyses. Recently, her lab has begun to use human renal organoids derived from iPSCs as a second developmental tubulogenesis model.

Aloitusaika: 19.04.2021 12:00
Lopetusaika: 19.04.2021 13:00
Sijainti: remotely
Tyyppi: Webinar
Organisaatio: Helsinki Institute of Life Science HiLIFE
Yhteyshenkilö: hilife-seminars@helsinki.fi
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Dissertation: Julia Casado

​Julia Casado, Faculty of Medicine, Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine
Proteogenomics methods for translational cancer research

Opponent: PhD Emmanuel Barillot, Institut Curie

Aloitusaika: 22.04.2021 12:00
Lopetusaika: 22.04.2021 14:00
Kesto: 2 hours
Sijainti: remotely
Tyyppi: Dissertation
Organisaatio: UH, Faculty of Medicine
Yhteyshenkilö: julia.casado@helsinki.fi
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Engineering humans - Afternoon in The Science Basement

The Afternoon in the Science Basement seminar series collaborates with the Year of Research-Based Knowledge 2021 project led by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, the Academy of Finland, and the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. Please use their handles on social media when discussing our event. (Twitter/FB/Insta) @tttv2021

Would you like to know what young scientists are up to, and how their research may pertain to you? Would you like to stay up-to-date with the latest scientific advancements? Do you enjoy learning new things?

Whether you have a scientific background or not, if you have answered yes to any of the above questions then this email is for YOU!

The Science Basement would like to invite you to listen and interact during an Afternoon in the Science Basement. The next speaker of the monthly spring series, Sami Jalil, from the University of Helsinki will present their work, ‘Engineering humans: the future of gene editing’.
“Gene editing technologies have exponentially evolved during the last decade. For the first time in history, humans have the power to redesign their own genome and genetically alter any other species. Such immense power comes with a great responsibility. What could we do as a society to benefit from these technologies while minimizing the risks? How could we participate in the decision-making process?”

Aloitusaika: 22.04.2021 16:30
Lopetusaika: 22.04.2021 17:45
Kesto: 1 hour 15 minutes
Sijainti: remotely
Tyyppi: Webinar
Organisaatio: Academy of Finland
Yhteyshenkilö: afternoons@thesciencebasement.org