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Research to Business funding info session

Business Finland offers an excellent funding instrument designed to support the preparation for commercialisation of academic research results. This Research to Business funding is intended for projects within public research organisations, where research groups and researchers aim to commercialise their research results and develop their research into new businesses.

During the event you:

  • will get information about the key aspects of Research to Business funding,
  • learn how Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd coordinates and supports the application process of University of Helsinki applicants,
  • will get an idea of the timeline and different stages of a typical Research to Business project,
  • will learn about the benefits of commercialising research, from applying for Research to Business funding to setting up a company,
  • can ask questions.


The event is open to all researchers and staff from all scientific fields of the University of Helsinki.

Aloitusaika: 25.04.2024 10:00
Lopetusaika: 25.04.2024 10:50
Kesto: 50 minutes
Sijainti: remotely
Tyyppi: Education
Organisaatio: Business Finalnd
Yhteyshenkilö: harriet.haras@helsinki.fi
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ONCOSYS Special seminar

Speaker: Simone Zaccaria

Tentative title: “Measuring the proliferation rates of single-cell tumour clones though cancer and metastatic evolution.”

Recent publications:

Myers et al. HATCHet2: clone- and haplotype-specific copy number inference from bulk tumor sequencing data. Preprint 2023.

Frankell et al. The evolution of lung cancer and impact of subclonal selection in TRACERx. Nature 2023.

Grigoriadis et al. CONIPHER: a computational framework for scalable phylogenetic reconstruction with error correction. Nature Protocols 2023.

Zaccaria & Raphael. Accurate quantification of copy-number aberrations and whole-genome duplications in multi-sample tumor sequencing data. Nature Communications 2020.

Pich et al. The translational challenges of precision oncology. Cancer Cell 2022.

Aloitusaika: 26.04.2024 10:00
Lopetusaika: 26.04.2024 11:00
Kesto: 1 hour
Sijainti: Biomedicum 1, seminar room 3
Tyyppi: Seminar
Organisaatio: UH, Faculty of Medicine
Yhteyshenkilö: karen.ahlnas@helsinki.fi
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FICAN webinar: prof Olli Lohi

Precision Therapy for Childhood Leukemia: Improving Outcomes and Reducing Toxicities
Speaker: prof. Olli Lohi, Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, Tampere University and Tampere University Hospital
FICAN webinars are jointly organized by regional cancer centers. This webinar is organized by FICAN Mid- Sisä-Suomen syöpäkeskus.
The seminar will be held online (Microsoft Teams) and is open to everyone interested in cancer research. Teams link can be found below.

Abstract: Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), the most common cancer among children, has traditionally been managed with chemotherapy regimens. While these treatments are effective, they often lead to significant toxicities and long-term side effects for survivors. The implementation of response-based risk grouping has been crucial in customizing therapies, thereby significantly enhancing outcomes and reducing treatment-related toxicities. The introduction of modern sequencing technologies has unveiled the complexity of the disease by identifying numerous genetically distinct subtypes, each with unique behaviors and responses to treatment. This shift towards personalized medicine is underscored by the exploration of immunotherapies and novel targeted agents for cases that relapse or show poor response, representing a considerable departure from conventional chemotherapy methods.

Our recent discovery involves the application of the general tyrosine kinase inhibitor dasatinib as a targeted treatment for both T-cell and B-cell ALL. In particular, the effectiveness of a combination therapy that included dasatinib and temsirolimus for T-ALL was shown in patient samples and preclinical animal models. Additionally, the sequential treatment of B-ALL with an inhibitor of Wee1, a cell cycle regulator, and dasatinib was effective in eliminating an escape pathway for residual leukemic cells. Furthermore, in collaboration with European partners, we have begun to delineate the genetic landscape of slow responding leukemias within the second common subtype of ALL, expected to have a favorable outcome.

The importance of international collaboration is critical in hastening the development of novel treatments for childhood leukemias. The advent of immunotherapies as a frontline therapy modality represents the next frontier, with high hopes for achieving greater efficacy and reduced harm simultaneously.

Selected publications:

Zapilko V, Moisio S, Parikka M, Heinäniemi M, Lohi O. Generation of a Zebrafish Knock-In Model Recapitulating Childhood ETV6::RUNX1-Positive B-Cell Precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Cancers (Basel). 2023 Dec 13;15(24):5821. doi: 10.3390/cancers15245821. PMID: 38136366; PMCID:

Krali O, Marincevic-Zuniga Y, Arvidsson G, Enblad AP, Lundmark A, Sayyab S, Zachariadis V, Heinäniemi M, Suhonen J, Oksa L, Vepsäläinen K, Öfverholm I, Barbany G, Nordgren A, Lilljebjörn H, Fioretos T, Madsen HO, Marquart HV, Flaegstad T, Forestier E, Jónsson ÓG, Kanerva J, Lohi O, Norén-Nyström U, Schmiegelow K, Harila A, Heyman M, Lönnerholm G, Syvänen AC, Nordlund J. Multimodal classification of molecular subtypes in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia. NPJ Precis Oncol. 2023 Dec 8;7(1):131. doi: 10.1038/s41698-023-00479-5. PMID: 38066241; PMCID: PMC10709574.

Laukkanen S, Veloso A, Yan C, Oksa L, Alpert EJ, Do D, Hyvärinen N, McCarthy K, Adhikari A, Yang Q, Iyer S, Garcia SP, Pello A, Ruokoranta T, Moisio S, Adhikari S, Yoder JA, Gallagher K, Whelton L, Allen JR, Jin AH, Loontiens S, Heinäniemi M, Kelliher M, Heckman CA, Lohi O, Langenau DM. Therapeutic targeting of LCK tyrosine kinase and mTOR signaling in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Blood. 2022 Oct 27;140(17):1891-1906. doi: 10.1182/blood.2021015106. PMID: 35544598; PMCID: PMC10082361.

Mehtonen J, Teppo S, Lahnalampi M, Kokko A, Kaukonen R, Oksa L, Bouvy-Liivrand M, Malyukova A, Mäkinen A, Laukkanen S, Mäkinen PI, Rounioja S, Ruusuvuori P, Sangfelt O, Lund R, Lönnberg T, Lohi O, Heinäniemi M. Single cell characterization of B-lymphoid differentiation and leukemic cell states during chemotherapy in ETV6-RUNX1-positive pediatric leukemia identifies drug-targetable transcription factor activities. Genome Med. 2020 Nov 20;12(1):99. doi: 10.1186/s13073-020-00799-2. PMID: 33218352; PMCID: PMC7679990.

Aloitusaika: 08.05.2024 15:00
Lopetusaika: 08.05.2024 16:00
Sijainti: remotely
Tyyppi: Webinar
Organisaatio: Finnish Cancer Center (FICAN)
Yhteyshenkilö: anne.kairenius@hus.fi