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Dissertation: Jaana Humaloja

​Jaana Humaloja, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Medicine, Doctoral Program in Clinical Research
Oxygen, biomarkers, and the injured brain

Opponent: Dr. Angélique de Man, Amsterdam UMC

Aloitusaika: 07.10.2022 13:00
Lopetusaika: 07.10.2022 15:00
Kesto: 2 hours
Sijainti: Biomedicum1, lecture hall 2, Haartmaninkatu 8, 00290 Helsinki
Tyyppi: Dissertation
Organisaatio: UH, Faculty of Medicine
Yhteyshenkilö: jaana.humaloja@outlook.com
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Dissertation: Giorgio Turconi

​Giorgio Turconi, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Medicine, Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine
New roles of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor GDNF in motor and cholinergic functions

Opponent: Professor Deniz Kirik, Lund University

Aloitusaika: 07.10.2022 14:00
Lopetusaika: 07.10.2022 16:00
Kesto: 2 hours
Sijainti: Porthania PII, Yliopistonkatu 3, Helsinki
Tyyppi: Dissertation
Organisaatio: UH, Faculty of Medicine
Yhteyshenkilö: giorgio.turconi@helsinki.fi
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iCAN Science Seminar by Dr. Saar Gill

​CAR T cells for myeloid malignancies

Dr. Gill obtained his medical degree and Ph.D in immunology from the University of Melbourne, and trained in hematology at St Vincent’s Hospital, the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. In 2008 he moved to the United States, first to pursue a post-doctoral fellowship in cellular therapy at Stanford University, and then in 2011 to the University of Pennsylvania where he is now an associate professor of medicine. Dr. Gill’s clinical practice is in leukaemia and bone marrow transplantation. He has led clinical trials of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells for chronic and acute leukemias. Dr. Gill’s research laboratory focuses on the interface between adoptive cellular therapy and genetic engineering.




If you would like to have a meeting with Dr. Gill, please contact Satu Mustjoki (satu.mustjoki@helsinki.fi) or Francesca De Lorenzo (francesca.delorenzo@helsinki.fi)


Recent publications:


Gill SI, Vides V, Frey NV, Hexner E, Metzger S, O'Brien M, Hwang WT, Brogdon JL, Davis MM, Fraietta JA, Gaymon A, Gladney WL, Lacey SF, Lamontagne A, Mato AR, Maus MV, Melenhorst JJ, Pequignot E, Ruella M, Shestov MA, Byrd JC, Schuster SJ, Siegel DL, Levine BL, June CH, Porter DL. Anti-CD19 CAR T Cells in Combination with Ibrutinib for the Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Blood Adv. 2022 Mar 29:bloodadvances.2022007317.


Singh N*, Frey NV*, Engels B*, Barrett DM, Shestova O, Ravikumar P, Cummins KD, Lee YG, Pajarillo R, Chun I, Shyu A, Highfill SL, Price A, Zhao L, Peng L, Granda B, Ramones M, Lu XM, Christian DA, Perazzelli J, Lacey SF, Roy NH, Burkhardt JK, Colomb F, Damra M, Abdel-Mohsen M, Liu T, Liu D, Standley DM, Young RM, Brogdon JL, Grupp SA, June CH, Maude SL*, Gill S*, Ruella M*. Antigen-independent activation enhances the efficacy of 4-1BB-costimulated CD22 CAR T cells. Nat Med. 2021 May;27(5):842-850. *equal contribution


Klichinsky M, Ruella M, Shestova O, Lu XM, Best A, Zeeman M, Schmierer M, Gabrusiewicz K, Anderson NR, Petty NE, Cummins KD, Shen F, Shan X, Veliz K, Blouch K, Yashiro-Ohtani Y, Kenderian SS, Kim MY, O'Connor RS, Wallace SR, Kozlowski MS, Marchione DM, Shestov M, Garcia BA, June CH, Gill S. Human chimeric antigen receptor macrophages for cancer immunotherapy. Nat Biotechnol. 2020 Aug;38(8):947-953.


Singh N*, Lee YG*, Shestova O, Ravikumar P, Hayer KE, Hong SJ, Lu XM, Pajarillo R, Agarwal S, Kuramitsu S, Orlando EJ, Mueller KT, Good CR, Berger SL, Shalem O, Weitzman MD, Frey NV, Maude SL, Grupp SA, June CH, Gill S*, Ruella M*. Impaired Death Receptor Signaling in Leukemia Causes Antigen-Independent Resistance by Inducing CAR T-cell Dysfunction. Cancer Discov. 2020 Apr;10(4):552-567. *equal contribution


Kim MY, Yu KR, Kenderian SS, Ruella M, Chen S, Shin TH, Aljanahi AA, Schreeder D, Klichinsky M, Shestova O, Kozlowski MS, Cummins KD, Shan X, Shestov M, Bagg A, Morrissette JJD, Sekhri P, Lazzarotto CR, Calvo KR, Kuhns DB, Donahue RE, Behbehani GK, Tsai SQ, Dunbar CE, Gill S. Genetic Inactivation of CD33 in Hematopoietic Stem Cells to Enable CAR T Cell Immunotherapy for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Cell. 2018 May 31;173(6):1439-1453.e19.

Aloitusaika: 13.10.2022 10:00
Lopetusaika: 13.10.2022 11:00
Kesto: 1 hour
Sijainti: Biomedicum1, lecture hall 2, Haartmaninkatu 8, 00290 Helsinki
Tyyppi: Seminar
Organisaatio: iCAN Flagship Team
Yhteyshenkilö: francesca.delorenzo@helsinki.fi
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iCAN science seminar series

The many facets of liquid biopsy in aggressive B-cell lymphoma

​Prof. Sirpa Leppä, University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital Comprehensive Cancer center:

Aloitusaika: 02.11.2022 12:00
Lopetusaika: 02.11.2022 13:00
Sijainti: Biomedicum1, lecture hall 1, Haartmaninkatu 8, 00290 Helsinki
Tyyppi: Seminar
Organisaatio: iCAN Flagship Team
marraskuu 03

FiCAN Seminar

Johanna Ivaska FCI K. Albin Johansson Research Professor University of Turku Organized by FICAN West
Aloitusaika: 03.11.2022 15:00
Lopetusaika: 03.11.2022 16:00
Tyyppi: Seminar
Organisaatio: Finnish Cancer Center (FICAN)
Yhteyshenkilö: mertor@utu.fi