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Medical Research. For Your Health.

The Biomedicum Helsinki Foundation makes progress in Finnish health care possible. It supports research in pharmaceuticals and treatment therapy in Finland. The Foundation supports a broad range of research fields from cancer to childlessness. It can be said that Biomedicum Helsinki guarantees the knowledge doctors need in their work.

Biomedicum Helsinki funds research with the donations it receives. As society continually decreases its support on medical research, the role of private donors and businesses in collecting funds is becoming increasingly more important.

Medical research is vital for developing new forms of treatment, discovering and investigating new medicines, and taking new diagnostic methods into use.

As a result of medical research, treatments become more specialized, stays at hospitals become shorter and recovery is faster. This in turn saves money and decreases absences from work due to illnesses.

Long-term work and substantial financial resources are, however, required for research.

Involvement of Businesses in Socially Important Work

The business has an opportunity to be involved in this socially important work. A business can direct funds to e.g. research in occupational health and diseases related to its field.

A fund bearing the name of a business can be set up within the Biomedicum Helsinki Foundation. From this fund, financial aid can be directed to any medical research that the business desires.  

Tax Deductible Donations
Donations made to the Foundation are tax deductible in Finland if the sum of the donation is between 850 and 50,000 Euros.

How to Make a Donation

The Biomedicum Helsinki Foundation’s research in pharmaceuticals and treatment therapy can also be supported via

Bank Transfers

The Foundation’s Bank Account Number

Nordea FI44 22621800 0056 51

Anniversary Donations

Should you wish to make an anniversary donation to the Foundation, please contact either by phone tel. +358 50 360 2503, by mail to the following address: Biomedicum Helsinki Foundation, Secretary, P.O. Box 700, 00029 HUS, or by e-mail to kirsi.varmo (at)

By Will

You can make a donation by will.


You can support following fields of research:

If you wish to know more about the research activities of the Foundation prior to making a donation, you are warmly welcome to visit the medical research and teaching center of Biomedicum Helsinki. Please contact to make arrangements for your visit.

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