Biomedicum Helsinki is a research and educational institution for medical sciences. It offers top-quality facilities for both basic scientists of the University of Helsinki and clinical investigators of the Helsinki University Central Hospital. Together with Haartman institute and University Central Hospital, which belongs to the Joint Authority for the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, Biomedicum Helsinki forms a unified and modern Meilahti medical campus that enables high level medical research and training.

Collaboration between basic scientists and physician scientists is especially emphasized in the six research programs that are selected by peer review for a five-year period at a time. There are investigators from the University of Helsinki, Helsinki University Central Hospital, National Public Health Institute and Folkhälsan Research Center among the groups of the research programs. At present, a staff about 1800 is engaged in research at Biomedicum Helsinki, and a number of groups working in the building belong to the international upper echelon. Research strengths of Biomedicum Helsinki encompass many central and timely topics in basic biology and medicine related to molecular and cell biology, molecular genetics, cancer biology, developmental biology, endocrinology as well as metabolic and vascular diseases.

There are multiple modern Core Facility Services at Biomedicum Helsinki; these are available also for other institutions on the Meilahti campus and beyond.

Biomedicum Helsinki aims at facilitating networking and collaboration not only between the research groups on the Meilahti medical campus but also in the society at large, especially between academia and industry. The mission of Biomedicum Helsinki is to be an internationally renown research institution in medical science where the results emerging from basic research can be commercially exploited in an innovative fashion.

Biomedicum Helsinki 2 constitutes a new phase in Finnish medical research and development. It provides biomedical business activities with modern facilities close to research organizations and the special facilities and research services in the area. For example, the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland operates from this complex.