Medical research. To your health.

Medical research. To your health.Biomedicum Helsinki, the center for medical research and training, is a leading environment that promotes medical research and training in Finland and supports cooperation between academia and industry. Future challenges in health care are met with the uniquely extensive cooperation between the university’s basic biomedical research and the clinical research conducted by Helsinki University Central Hospital, as well as interaction with society at large.  

The top-quality facilities and research services of Biomedicum Helsinki provide an excellent framework for medical research, basic medical education, and research training across organizational boundaries.The center provides working facilities for about 2300 researchers, graduate students, and support staff of the University of Helsinki, Helsinki University Central Hospital, the National Institute of Health and Welfare, the Folkhälsan Research Center and the Minerva Foundation.

The first two years of the undergraduate medical curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine are taught at Biomedicum Helsinki. More than 300 medical and dental students are in residence at the center.

Cooperation across organizational and scientific disciplines’ boundaries takes place at many levels. It is best demonstrated in six large research programs each including several research groups.

The Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, established in collaboration with the University of Helsinki, is placed within Biomedicum Helsinki, which will further increase international cooperation, interaction, and prominence

Biomedicum Helsinki 2 constitutes a new phase in Finnish medical research and development. It provides biomedical business activities with modern facilities close to research organizations and the special facilities and research services in the area. For example, the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland operates from this complex.

The successful close cooperation has created a high-quality international medical campus at Meilahti, the Meilahti Academia Medical Center, with an excellent basis for further development of operations and commercialization of research results. Biomedicum Helsinki’s high-quality research is a key source of innovation in the field and new entrepreneurship in the Meilahti area.

The director of Biomedicum Helsinki is a Professor of Medical Sciences at the University of Helsinki and an administratively experienced and active scientist.