Biomedicum Helsinki Foundation Grants

The Biomedicum Helsinki Foundation supports high-quality research in clinical medicine and university level research in health sciences.The Foundation has supported especially young scientist at a level of about 200 000 €/year. The grants are awarded at the Biomedicum Helsinki Day event in fall.


The 2021 application period is from May 3rd to May 31st 2021. Applications are made in our grant system, where registrations can be made at any time.

The Foundation provides three types of grants:

1.Young Investigator’s grants are to support graduate students to work towards their doctoral degree. The grant is not for costs of the dissertation; the grant application will not be considered if the date of the dissertation is determined. You can receive the Young Investigator grant twice. The grant is either 6 000 € or 4 000 € based on the applications ranking. This grant type can be awarded at most twice.

Required attachments in PDF format

2. Startup grants are intended to make it easier to take on a research project without having to commit to a career in research. The grant is aimed at either current or past students of medicine / dentistry. The applicant can for instance be a medical student wishing to continue more in-depth their MD / DD thesis or a working doctor who wishes to tackle a specific issue arising from their professional clinical setting. The grant is 4 000 € and is not awarded more than once.

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3. Clinical Investigator Post-doctoral grants for post-doctoral training abroad. Eligible applicants have a doctoral degree and have specialized or are specializing in medicine. The grant is to cover primarily research expenses (salary & other costs) and is not to exceed 50 000 €. 

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The Foundation takes into account the focusing of grants to specific areas of medicine according to the donations and wills it has received. Some of the grants may be funded from the Borrelia Fund or Timo Lehtonen Urology fund. The Borrelia Fund grants promote research of Borrelia and other tick-borne diseases and to symptoms following these diseases as well as to increasing awareness of how to prevent and treat these diseases.  The Timo Lehtonen Urology Fund grants promote research in urology. 




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