Biomedicum Helsinki Foundation Call for Grants 2024

The Biomedicum Helsinki Foundation Call for Grants is open 2.5-31.5.2024

The Foundation provides three types of grants to support research in clinical medicine and other health sciences:

Startup grants  are intended to make it easier to take on a research project without having to commit to a career in research. The grantee can be e.g. an experienced clinician or a medical/dentistry/biology/data science student following up on a research project executed as part of their studies. 

Young Investigator’s grants are to support graduate students to work towards their doctoral degree.

Clinical Investigator Post-doctoral grants for post-doctoral training abroad. Eligible applicants have a doctoral degree and have specialized or are specializing in medicine.

More information on the available grants and instructions for applying can be found on the grant application page. If you have any questions, please email